Monday, October 15, 2007

I really hate to do this...

First off, I know that I said I would be posting more.  I've THOUGHT about posting a lot, but haven't actually DONE anything.  I want to take this time to try and explain why...

Six months ago I was involved in a auto accident.  Nothing too horrid, but enough to effect things in my life right now.  Basically me and my girlfriend were heading home and while coming up to an intersection, the car opposite us decided he didn't want to wait for us to pass or for the green arrow; and turned right in front of us.  I was just entering the intersection when he turned.  I was doing about 45 mph.  Of course I slammed on my brakes...I even swerved a bit to the right, but there was nothing I could to in that second to avoid hitting him.

It's weird..I saw the car's side.  I knew I was going to hit him...and then BAM!  All white!  Then smoke!  The white and smoke were from the air bags.  The first thing my girlfriend did was jump out of the car.  She thought it was on fire.  I followed her to find her doubled over leaning on the hood from abdominal pain.  My adrenaline was pumping, and my brain was going so fast, I thought I was fine at that moment.

I must have had this dumbfounded look on my face, because there happened to be a police officer right behind the douche who pulled in front of us; and the first thing he said was to see if we were all right.  Then the next thing he said was something like don't worry, I saw what happened, it wasn't your fault.  I'm still dumbfounded to this day over WHY he did what he did.  I just don't understand.

Anyway, the ambulance came, checked out my girlfriend and she of course refused to go to the hospital to be checked out.  At the time the only thing wrong with me was my hands were really tingly.  The paramedics said it was from the adrenaline and it would go away.

We got home and of course we were both sore and a bit shaken up.  I went to work the next Monday and slowly started to have problems with my hands and forearms.  Most notably my right one.  I saw my doctor and then saw another doctor and then saw another doctor.  One of the doctors gave me a Cortisone shot in my left hand (I believe when the air bag went off, it smacked the side window).  The last doctor said the problems with my right hand was Carpal Tunnel like syndrome and took me off work for 6 weeks to rest and recuperate.  After those 6 weeks, things seemed to be getting better.  

I went back to work and then slowly noticed more problems.  The pain in my right shoulder/neck started to get worse.  After another visit to my doctor and a subsequent visit to another specialist and then an MRI, we found I had tears in my shoulder.  I had two tears in my Rotator Cuff area.  I had to have surgery.  While I was waiting for my surgery date and to have the time off from work, I was on work restriction.

Well, other things started to creep up as well.  The pain in my left foot/heel wasn't going away and was getting worse.  The last doctor said it sounded like Plantar Fasciitis.  Sure enough, it was.  I have been seeing a Podiatrist for this and have already had 3 Cortisone shots for this as well.  I was also having a pain in the back of my neck and daily headaches that were not going away or getting any better either.  I had some other tests done and I was diagnosed with severe spasming at my C4-C5 vertebrae.  I was also having pain in my left shoulder area, but nothing like the right side.

These other issues took a back seat to the major problem; my right shoulder.  Well, it's 6 months later.  I had the Rotator Cuff surgery almost exactly a month ago now, and that area is doing better.  I still have very limited motion.  I still can't sleep.  It still hurts like hell from time to time.  But I feel confident that given time, it will be back to normal.  I am starting physical therapy this week.  I hear it can be a pain in the ass and am not looking forward to it.  But I know it has to be done.

Once my right shoulder is better, if the pain in my neck doesn't go away or become more manageable, I will be getting Botox injections from the sound of it.  Yeah, Botox...I had the same reaction.

My Podiatrist said that me being off of my feet should help my Plantar Fasciitis, but I don't know if I believe him.  It seems to be worse now.  I'm going to be following up with him very soon to see what else we can do..if anything.

And as far as my left shoulder, the doc wants to wait for my right shoulder and neck to be taken care of before going any further.  He says that it might just be because I'm using my left side more.  Which would make sense if it started after the surgery or after having problems with my right one.  But since they have both been bothering me starting at almost the same time, I don't quite believe him.  We'll see I guess.

That leaves me to the "I really hate to do this.." part of our show....

As you have read, things have been....interesting for me as of late.  I was taken off of work for 6 weeks a few months back and have been off of work since my surgery a month ago and won't be going back for at least another month from the sound of things.  I am getting disability payments from my work, but they are only like 50%.  Which barely cover my mortgage.  Needless to say, things are tight and are getting tighter.

What I am asking for..and trust me, I REALLY hate this and don't want to do this...but I don't have any other choice.  Anyway, I am adding a PayPal button to this blog and my website.  I'm hoping that the one or two people who actually read this blog from time to time either make a donation, or spread the word and maybe have a rich uncle can make a donation.  Either way, I could really use some help.  
Any help will be greatly appreciated by me and I will personally send you a thank you email.  I wish I could do more, but I don't have anything else right now to give really.  Thank you.

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