Sunday, August 24, 2008

China cheated in the 2008 Bejing Olympics!!!

I'm sure this is not new news to any of you. But I had to post my take on this. First, I'd like to thank whoever owns the stryde hax blog for alerting me and the world to this travesty. There is also a very good article on The Huffington Post regarding this subject as well.

There is PROOF on an OFFICIAL CHINESE GOVERNMENT WEB SITE ("General Administration of Sport of China") of Olympian He Kexin's age. Of course, the site page has been taken down as well as the cache's of the page.

On this page, there is an Excel spread sheet that states He Kexin was born on January 1, 1994!!! That would make her 14, NOT the required 16 to compete in the gymnastic competition in the Olympics!

I'll focus on a couple of the pages that prove her age. There are more out there, like the one's The Huffington Post talk about. But I'm focusing on the ones that I have screen shots of.

The first page has a title of "2005 National Gymnastics运动员上报注册page in The Matrix" and "2005 National Gymnastics运动员上报注册table.". The categories of the cells are "Mechanism", "Name (middle)", "别with", "Date of birth", "贯nationality", "birth", "Note单位册", "备注".


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