Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So, I haven’t posted in a little while.  So I thought I would.  Those Google Ad’s have generated me .44!  I don’t know how…I don’t think anyone actually reads this….I’m alone!!!!!!!!!!!   AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 




Let’s see here…the following is an experiment…with actual notes by me:


mapquest (love it, but loving http://maps.google.com more lately...especially that cool Google Earth (http://earth.google.com) thing!)


space (Always been interested)


lung cancer (Scary)


Kelly Monaco (Who?  Is she hot?)


Pamela Anderson (Liked the video!  Nice umm….ho-ha)


horoscope (You will win a million dollars if you send me two million!)


ebay (Love it)






Anna Nicole Smith (Annoying as hell!!!!!)


IACI (wha?)


King Fahd (And there goes the gas prices!!!  Dammit!)


Tour De France (Go Lance!)


Hulk Hogan (Love that show!  Hogan Knows Best)


Sienna Miller (Who?  Is she hot?)


Space Station (Would like to visit sometime)


Air France (They killed the Concord…bastards!)




Kate Moss (Yeah, I’ve seen her…she’s hot)


WWE (Watch both RAW and Smackdown every week)


nasa (Support them!)


diane lane (Who?  Is she hot?)


my chemical romance


green day (Good band.  They’re new album American Idiot is cool)




fall out boy


psp (I want one!  So click on my Google Ads!)


rachel mcadams (Who?  Is she hot?)




space shuttle (I’d like to drive it one day)


Anonymous said...
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Casket Hugger said...

Okay. I felt sorry for you so I clicked on the Firefox ad. Cheer up. You're not all alone.

ned4spd8874 said...

Thank you!!! :o)