Monday, September 26, 2005

Don't you just love it when people see your profile on Yahoo and try to get money from you??? This is a transcript of an actual conversation...funny how she never responded to my last message and never IM'ed me again...too bad...she's pretty cute!

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helenspencerluv2: Hello
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ned4spd8874: Hello
helenspencerluv2: Hello
ned4spd8874: Sorry, I don't know how long ago you sent me the message...I was are you?
helenspencerluv2: Okay
helenspencerluv2: l'm Helen you?
ned4spd8874: Chris did you see my profile? is that why you Im'd me?
helenspencerluv2: Well No l'm here to ask for help
ned4spd8874: ??
helenspencerluv2: Caues right now l'm in sadness
helenspencerluv2: l'm going through a problem since l have lost both of my parent
ned4spd8874: sorry to hear that
helenspencerluv2: Thanks
helenspencerluv2: Well right now l'm in Africa
ned4spd8874: ??
helenspencerluv2: l came here on vacation with a guy the night i get here the gut dump me and run away with all my things
ned4spd8874: wow...i've heard that before...can you try something more original before asking for money please?

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