Monday, August 21, 2006


PULSE = 1 1/2 crappy stars

I really didn’t very high hopes for this movie anyway. It didn’t have any type of “wow!” factor. Nothing really seemed all that original. The basis for the movie is there are dead people that have been released by a virus that found an unknown frequency!!! Everybody panic! How the hell can a virus find an unknown frequency???? It’s like discovering the number 82394! “We had no idea that the number 82394 was between 1 – 100000!” Stupid. Then the dead people use that frequency to come into our world to steal our souls. And then people loose the will to live. That’s basically it. One girl is on a quest to stop it all from happening.

It wasn’t very scary. There were one or two scary/freaky scenes. But nothing that hasn’t been done in the past. If you absolutely must see this move…go see it at the dollar show or bribe a friend into paying for you. I wouldn’t even rent the damn thing. But that’s my opinion…

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